Here is a little preview from an article from ‘The Daily Telegraph’ indicating the changes required for a fresh new ‘Eastwood’. The article also includes a mention of our very own Chamber President – Victor Tagg. 

The plan aims to unite Eastwood by improving the pedestrian link between the east and west sides. It also proposes building heights of two to seven storeys in the town centre, with a sprinkling of eight to 12 storeys on Rutledge St between West Pde and Trelawney St.

But the Eastwood Chamber of Commerce has called on Ryde Council to revise the masterplan to allow 20-­storey buildings in the town centre, to lure developers who could fund much-needed community facilities.

Chamber president Vic Tagg said no developer would touch Eastwood “with a barge pole” unless Ryde Council revised its masterplan for Eastwood to allow taller buildings to attract investment in the rundown town centre.

“It is simply disgraceful that the major connection between east and west Eastwood is through this unsafe and ugly tunnel,” Mr Tagg said.

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The Eastwood Chamber of Commerce’s vision for the mall

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