Celebrating business

at a different member's premises each month.

cultural diversity

Cultural diversity

acknowledging cultural diversity in the town centre

supporting community events

Supporting community events

We are big supporters of the Granny Smith Festival and Lunar New Year

A vibrant town centre

A vibrant town centre

Eastwood has a thriving town centre

a strong sense of community

A sense of community

Eastwood Chamber supports Lunar New Year celebrations in the plaza


伊士活商會 이스트우드 상우회



Eastwood Chamber of Commerce is the official voice of local business. The Chamber is focussed on identifying not only current issues but future needs of business. The stronger the Chamber grows the greater our voice to lobby local government on issues that impact on business. A strong Chamber and a healthy business sector translates to a healthy community in which to work and live.

Eastwood Chamber of Commerce meets on the second Monday of each month. Meetings are hosted by members on their premises and commence at 6:00pm for a 6:15pm start. Refreshments are served and the meetings generally finish at around 7:30pm.

Our meetings are renowned for the relaxed atmosphere in which they are conducted, however, they follow a structured agenda. They provide the ideal opportunity for members to network, share ideas and aim for common goals.

Our objectives are:

  • To promote the interest of business and tourism within Eastwood and the City of Ryde;
  • To represent the business community of Eastwood within the City of Ryde and the wider area of New South Wales for the purpose of business development and growth;
  • To promote the interchange of services and information, to support or oppose measures affecting commerce, business or community welfare within Eastwood;
  • To encourage friendly relations and trade between members and to enhance the precinct as a vibrant and enjoyable place to work, conduct trade, live and visit;
  • To promote interactive projects and maintain an effective cooperative relationship  with the City of Ryde, Eastwood Police and other organisations within the City of Ryde;
  • To promote a code of best business practice and business ethics;
  • To provide a regular opportunity for business people in Eastwood to exchange information and ideas, and to solve common problems.

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